As parents of young children, we can observe developmental milestones in action as our children acquire new skills – seemingly everyday doing something new. While we delight in and wonder at their progress, we can sometimes find ourselves asking if this is what our child ‘should’ be doing at their age and stage.

For parents of older children, there’s the opportunity to get to know the individual person that was once a young baby. This is the formation of a new relationship, as a child becomes a young adult, with his or her own opinions and views of the world. While thinking ahead to the future, we can sometimes also think back to what we could have done differently.

At any stage, there will be questions. The important thing to remember is that getting information about your questions and concerns will help to make sense of the situation for your child. At Developing Minds Speech Pathology, we are always happy to talk you through any questions you may have – even if it’s just to ensure your child is ‘on track’. If you’re ever unsure of something, we are here to help, even if it’s just a quick email or phone call.

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