Useful Links

Speech Pathology Australia is a good starting point to find information about the Speech Pathology profession; there are a lot of resources available for parents who are accessing Speech Pathology services.

Raising Children contains useful information regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder, available therapies and funding options; also general information about all things relating to children’s health and wellbeing.

Aspect is the Autism Advisory service in NSW offering help and support to access funding for services.

Medicare contains information about funding available to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and chronic conditions.

RDI Consultants Australia has a lot of reader-friendly information about the RDI® Program.

Autism Connection is another great website to find out more about the RDI® Program.

Lindamood Bell has up to date research about language and literacy impairments, as well as the programs that are available.

Social Thinking is a useful website about pragmatic language impairments and social cognition difficulties, with up to date research and program information.

Karen Stagnitti is a great website for information about the role of play skills in development.

Hanen has information about the It Takes Two To Talk program, and has a lot of up to date research and helpful resources available.

The Prompt Institute is a great place to find information about speech development, and contains current research.

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