Get to know the Certified Practising Speech Pathologist


Alissa Gargano

Alissa is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist who graduated from The University of Sydney. She has worked widely with children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), language impairment, motor speech and phonological disorders, reading disorders, fluency disorders, and other developmental and acquired disorders, as well as typically developing children wishing to build and extend on their emerging abilities. Her passion for clinical service led her to work in private practice in Singapore for several years, where she serviced both the local and expat communities. Alissa has also worked extensively in the school setting, with experience across levels from preschool, through the primary years and into high school. She takes a holistic and collaborative approach that allows her to see every client’s ‘big picture’, and she is enthusiastic in helping clients and families pursue their potential.

Alissa values the relationship that she forms with her clients and their families, and believes that this is the important first step for the clients in her care. Her calm and pragmatic nature makes her an effective guide to children of all ages, and their families. Alissa is also a passionate advocate for the clients in her care, and her insight into clients’ strengths and barriers make her an effective clinical support. She believes that the process of therapy is just as valuable as the outcome, and can pre-empt what the client needs to best tailor her assessment and therapy service.

As a business owner, sometime public speaker, professional mentor and advocate in the wider community, Alissa can personally relate to the challenges faced by those whose professional life is dependent upon effective communication. Throughout her career in Sydney and Singapore, Alissa has been called upon by busy professionals to help them hone their communication skills, from public speaking, communicating effectively in meetings, to professional writing. Alissa has worked with clients in a variety of professional fields to help them get the tools they need to demonstrate their knowledge, communicate with confidence, and let their personalities shine through at work.

Alissa is a passionate therapist who believes that ongoing learning of the latest tools and techniques is paramount. She continues to expand her knowledge through ongoing professional development. She believes that critical reflection upon current and up to date scientific research allows her to best serve her clients. This has led Alissa to undertake certification in Relationship Development Intervention (RDI® Program).

Alissa is engaged as a consultant to mentor students and novice clinicians in both Australia and Singapore – a responsibility that she values and enjoys. Further, Alissa is often called upon to speak publicly about her role as a Speech Pathologist and the clinical populations she services, both to small professional groups and at conferences here and in South East Asia.


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